About LuLu Ukulele

Handcrafted ukulele

“There's not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn't sound happy.”

We totally agree with this sentiment shared by legendary musicians George Harrison and Jeff Lynne. At LuLu, we give ukulele players a lot more to smile about. Our handcrafted ukulele address the growing demand for a superior-quality instrument. We are dedicated to crafting a better sounding and playing ukulele.

A LuLu is not just another ukulele. 

The old image that an ukulele is a toy just doesn’t fly at LuLu. These are fine instruments that live up to the most discerning standards. We know because we are musicians ourselves with more than 35 years in the industry and have carefully thought through every detail.

So what makes a LuLu such an exceptional ukulele?

  • Compensated saddle and intonation – Ukulele aficionados appreciate LuLu’s compensated saddle which creates consistent intonation up and down the neck.
  • Playability –You’ll know (even if you’ve never played before) what a quality ukulele feels like the moment you have a LuLu in your hands! The fit and finish on our ukes is unlike anything in its class!
  • Stability – LuLu reinforced necks don’t twist. They’re made straight and stay that way.
  • Balance – Even weight distribution between the neck and body prevent LuLu’s from diving forward. (We leave the diving to our surfer friends.)
  • Premium-branded parts – We select from the world’s best 3rd party component manufacturers, including Graph Tech nuts and compensated saddles, L.R. Baggs and Mi-Si electronics, Grover tuners, and D’Addario strings.
  • Range of models – All LuLu are handcrafted with solid tops. Models range from solid to laminate back and sides to custom.

Beautiful sound and beautiful looks at a beautiful price. LuLu provide exceptional value along with outstanding craftsmanship and quality. Plus, each of our ukuleles comes with LuLu’s own warranty and repair service.

We invite you to try our ukuleles at your nearest LuLu retail dealer.
We’re sure you’ll come out happy.