Our Ukuleles

Handcrafted ukulele for the discerning player

LuLu Ukulele are not your run of the mill ukulele: they are handcrafted instruments that have been painstakingly designed for the utmost in quality, sound, and playability. LuLu Ukulele feature solid wood tops, are available with either solid wood or laminate back and sides, and come in a range of models. All LuLu Ukulele feature premium-branded parts - Graph Tech nuts and compensated saddles, Grover tuners and either Aquila or D’Addario strings - and come with the LuLu warranty.

LuLu Ukulele comes in three basic models:

  • Soprano – our smallest ukulele, 21’’ in length
  • Concert – our mid-sized ukulele, 23” in length
  • Tenor – our largest ukulele, 26” in length

Within each model select from:

  • Solid mahogany top with mahogany back and sides or solid back and sides
  • Solid spruce top with rosewood back and sides or solid back and sides
  • Solid koa top and koa back and sides or solid back and sides


LuLu’s complete line of 100% American-made handcrafted ukuleles with custom options.

Or design your own totally custom LuLu — the ultimate in a one-of-a-kind ukulele

made of the finest materials in our own factory in Norwalk, CT.

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Coming Soon!

LuLu is proud to announce the introduction of LuLu Custom Ukulele. Completely crafted by hand in the United States by our own in-house, dedicated luthiers, each LuLu custom ukulele will be customized to your specifications. Select from a range of options to produce a truly one of-a-kind instrument.

If you are interested in learning more about our exceptional custom ukulele and how to order one, please join our mailing list.

There are many good ukulele on the market.  We set out to make a great one at a price previously out of reach of many players. 

LuLu tenor ukulele are not only beautiful to look at, but feel great and sound great.  Not like a small guitar, but like a ukulele!  Much of this has to do with the time spent on designing this instrument.  (Months of trial and error until the exact sound we set out to create had been successfully accomplished!)

The tone, projection, intonation and string height at the nut and saddle have all been carefully considered. 

We invite you to try what we hope you'll agree is one of the best sounding, playing and looking ukuleles available on the market today.

Welcome to our Soprano Ukulele.  We at LuLu have worked extrememly hard and have come up what we think you'll agree is one of the best sounding, playing and looking ukuleles available on the market today. 

It has been said that our Concert Ukulele posses a warmth and projection that sounds as if it were "exploding from the instrument".  We'll leave that up to you to decide, but we think they sound great and hope you'll agree! 

Each instrument has been meticulously designed and hand-crafted.  Each has a GraphTech nut and  special compensating saddle for spot-on intonation all the way up the neck!  The D'Addario Nyltech strings only further this sustain and projection, while the Grover open gear tuners keep you playing in tune!