Repair Service for LuLu Ukuleles

LuLu Ukuleles has certified factory-trained repair experts throughout the United States. Craftsmen at our repair centers have successfully completed training at our Norwalk, Connecticut, facilities and are certified for LuLu Ukulele warranty repairs. Each is a LuLu Ukulele specialist, handling all types of LuLu Ukulele warranty repairs, in addition to nonwarranty work such as nicks, fret-dressing, and more.

Warranty claims can be made directly at any of our LuLu Ukulele Factory-trained Repair Center. You are not required to contact LuLu Ukulele Customer Service prior to visiting a Repair Center. However, please call the Repair Center prior to shipping your guitar.

If you are unable to locate a LuLu Ukulele Factory-trained Repair Center in your area, please contact LuLu Ukulele Customer Service toll free at 1-855-205-4911 in North America for additional repair contacts. LuLu Ukulele maintains a nationwide network of reputable repair persons and will be happy to provide a referral nearest you.